Any crossword fans interested in reviewing Black Ink 2.0?

Our friend Daniel Jalkut has just released Black Ink 2.0, but no one on staff is a crossword fanatic, so none of us are qualified to review it. If you’re an inveterate crossword puzzler (and I’m sure there’s a word for that), reply here and I’ll pick someone to write a quick review. The app is free, but there are premium features that you’ll get access to. Details here.

I’m not volunteering to review Black Ink, but I’ve happily used Black Ink 1.0 periodically for a long while. I like to do crosswords, but usually don’t have the time to do them every day. Excited to see what Black Ink 2.0 can do…


Yes, I am one, but unfortunately don’t really have the time to learn and review Black Ink 2.0.

I would be happy to…well, actually my wife would be as she’s the crossword person in our household. Let me know if you need anything from her to make it happen unless somebody has already jumped on that one.

You’ve got it, Neil. Black Ink is fairly simple, so I’d be looking for something in the 600-800 word range, max. Introduction that explains what the app is, a description of the key features with a few words on how well they work, and then a short bit that explains who Black Ink is for to conclude.

I’ll introduce you to Daniel Jalkut in email.

I have heard this ap mentioned on podcast and have tried to download it. Searching the App Store for it doe not turn it up. I get an app named Black Ink that is some sort of weird lifestyle app; some game named Ball Road: fun snake Ri…; 9=Bit Battle Star: Galax…; Survival: Wasteland Zo…;

and the list goes on and on. If I add “Crossword” to the search, I get no results, but I do get an ad for USA Today.

If I search for “Black Ink 2,0” I get no results, but an add for Watch TNT.


Edit: Ooooh, it’s a MAC app? I can honestly say that it never occurred to me for even a second that this would not be an iOS app. Darn, a decent iOS crossword app would be nice.

I have used Crosswords by Standalone software for years on the iPad. It’s great. They also used to develop for the Newton - how may developers can say that?