Any advantage connecting screen over DP 1.4 compared to USB-C (DP alt mode)

So at work I’m upgrading an old Dell 27" U2717D to a fancy new 4K variant. This new U2720Q comes with a ton of ports: USB-C (which will charge up to 90W and offer support for DP alt mode), DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and a couple downstream USB3 ports. Until the TB4 dock I wants finally ships, I’d be tempted to connect the display to my MBP over USB-C to make use of 90W charging and also be able to hook up KB, mem sticks and such right to the screen (accessibility). I’m just wondering if I’m missing any advantage of connecting straight over DP (or HDMI for that matter). It’s really just a matter of which cable to grab.