Annotated, shared playlist

Here’s an interesting challenge. I’d like to set up a playlist that people can contribute to (which I think is coming as an option in iOS 17.2), but I’d also like it if the contributors could include a note about their contribution.

Background: this is for a person who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’m going to ask people to suggest a song (or songs) that made a powerful first impression on them, since every time she listens will eventually seem like the first–but not really, since music reaches part of the brain and memory that is otherwise unreachable.

A crowdsourced playlist is easy enough with Apple Music, but of course I have to overthink it. I’d like to track who suggested what, and give people the option include a sentence or two about why they contributed this particular thing. I’ve looked around but not found anything that offers an online tool for creating a shared playlist with annotations.

My current thought is to make a web form to capture your name, the song, any notes you’d like to add, etc., with a link to an Apple Music shared playlist. People can just add to the playlist if they want, or they can not touch Apple and just fill out the form if they want, or they can do both.

However, before I go that route, I wanted to check here just to see if there’s a better idea that hasn’t occurred to me.

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