An Apple spell check glitch: “snd”

This is so odd I’m almost — almost — embarrassed to ask about it. In macOS (14.3.1) and iOS (17.3.1) the typo “snd” isn’t flagged as a misspelling. Stranger still: if you look up “snd” in iOS, you’ll be given stock market info, etc., but if you look up “snd” in macOS, and you’ll get a dictionary entry for “and,” the word you probably meant to type in the first place.

Am I missing something? Is there any good reason for “snd” to count as a word?

(Yes, I wrote about this on the Apple page for feedback.)

It’s more than that. Running a quick test in Sonoma’s TextEdit, “asdf” is also not considered a spelling error:

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 12.41.19

I think this is because the Dictionary app is pulling up web pages that match these strings. Especially Wikipedia. If you launch Dictionary and look up “asdf” you are shown a Wikipedia disambiguation page with several entries:

Similarly for “snd”:

Needless to say this is bad. If a spell checker accepts everything with a Wikipedia page, it is going to pass all kinds of misspellings.

But maybe this isn’t the reason - if I go to Dictionary’s settings and tell it to stop searching Wikipedia, it doesn’t affect TextEdit’s spell-checker. And “smd” also has a Wikipedia page (another disambiguation page for a common acronym).

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Not sure, but if it bothers you, you could make a text expansion shortcut that turns snd into and.

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Good suggestion – thanks. I’ve done this on all devices. And now if I sneak in the non-word (by changing “and” back to “snd”), there’s no look-up option, only “Search with Google.” And the first option is "Replace with ‘and.’”

I don’t think I am mistyping “and”. I am sure my iPad sneakily swaps the “s” and “a” keys without me noticing. The same with the “m” and space keys.

snd was the name of sound resources in the resource fork of classic Mac OS files, so that might explain it.

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