Amazon MagSafe to USB-C adapters any good?

On Amazon I see there’s several adapters that claim to allow you to continue using your old MagSafe chargers with USB-C equipped Macs. Some of them are surprisingly inexpensive, but I also see user comments about devices getting really hot and failing. Does anybody know specifics? Are these things even kosher? Or are you better off just throwing out your old MagSafe chargers and sucking up $69/$79 plus tax for every old one that needs to be replaced?

[Edit: added a few examples]

Check out the survey of USB-C chargers at The Wirecutter. The prices are in the same range and you end up with a simpler setup. Note that some have additional standard USB ports for charging phones, and other devices.

The only reason I can see for getting the adapters is that you want to be able to charge both MagSafe and USB-C laptops and carry only one charger.

That would actually be part of it. There’s also adapters from USB-C to MagSafe 2 so I could go the other way. I just have no idea if those cables are trustworthy.

On a slightly different topic, does anyone have experience of adaptors which provide a magnetic charger for USB-C?

There are quite a few listed at Amazon (such as

I’m about to upgrade my old MacBook Pro and after more than one disaster narrowly averted by the ease by which a Magsafe charging cable can be pulled out, I’m loth to lose it.


I also wonder how many of these adapters claim to work with both MagSafe 1 and 2. Does that just mean they ship with the 1->2 adapter?

I can’t seem to find anything about such an adapter being included in the box, but I wonder how else the adapter is supposed to work with both types of MagSafe plugs.