Amazon in Running to Acquire Landmark Movie Chain - Bloomberg

An interesting development re: in-theater movie subscriptions, as well as privacy and security. Since MoviePass, Sinemia, etc. are advertising based, it’s unlikely they can compete with Amazon, who keeps expanding their ad and data services:

I wonder if Netflix and Hulu are thinking about theater chains, even though they are more focused on series rather than films? I’ll bet Disney is. This is going to be very interesting for Apple.

So much of awards and celebrity and promotion still resides within the cinema even as it has become a screen among other screens, the communal experience proving its worth in many ways as the barometer of the public’s likely engagement with films. Having the metrics and control of that will aid Amazon as they try to get access to the awards circuit. Netflix are already cutting deals permitting cinema runs prior to online, opening up awards to their films. Hulu not so interested in film I think but the other two certainly are. Apple have finally hired some execs with track record but I’ve not heard of any interest in film from them. I’ve presumed their focus was on television. Disney will want access to all cinemas. I can’t see them having their own chain.