Alfred update meets 1Password update – Compliment to Vero at Running with Crayons

Hello everyone.

If you’ll indulge me a moment to compliment excellent customer support for an excellent product – last week Vero at Running with Crayons, the team behind Alfred, engaged with me quickly and nicely to solve a small problem.

  • On one computer (not my main work computer, not yet) I’ve upgraded 1Password from version 7 to version 8. It hasn’t been as bad as everyone predicted, and I’m ironing out a few wrinkles, and I have confidence that AgileBits will have version 8 all smoothed out shortly. But on my main work computer I am still on 1Password 7, not quite ready to take the leap to 1Password 8. And that’s where our story begins.

  • I use Alfred 4 with Powerpack, apparently a lot, at least 50 times per day according to the usage stats in the app’s preference. I’ve been an Alfred user since before I can recall – it’s a key tool for me and I would not want to use a Mac without it. Multiple clipboards with ease, calculator always there, definitions, website access… so much access and so many tools always close by.

  • One key feature is the ability to open a website using 1Password via a shortcut in Alfred. If you have both products and haven’t used this feature, I strongly recommend it. Strongly. Have a look here.

  • Alfred 5 is out… but I’m not quite ready to upgrade (yet). Much to my surprise, support for 1Password 7 is no longer natively available in Alfred 4. Bummer. I poked around and found that a workflow is presented in the Alfred settings to use the older Alfred 4 / new 1Password 8 combo (on my non-work computer)… but I couldn’t find a workflow that worked for the older Alfred 4 / old 1Password 7 combo (on my main workhorse work computer) (still with me?).

So I wrote to Running with Crayons using the Alfred help function, and within hours and two e-mails both the problem was solved (a workflow for my combo is available but wasn’t so easy to find) AND Vero updated the workflow access page to make the workflow easier to find for folks with my combo.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a question for Vero, and each time she is responsive, understanding and helpful.

Thanks for letting me do this shoutout to Vero, Running with Crayons and Alfred. I recommend them highly. Alfred is free to use for basic features, with lots of cool features (including custom workflow creation) with the Powerpack. I don’t get a commission but I do get the satisfaction of hoping that others will add efficiency to their Mac usage like I have.