Alarms Stopped requiring re enabling for each alarm

since updating to iOS 13.3.1 alarms set in the clock app that used to be permanently enabled and when the alarm went off hitting stop on the alarm alert simply stopped the sound not the repeat alarm - now - when hitting stop the alarm is disabled and requires each alarm to be re-enabled individually - I have 4 medication alarms per day - having to re enable each one daily or individually is a pain in the arss - not sure what happened to a native app of apples suddenly having issues like this but thought I would check and see if anyone else is having similar problems - thanks for any replies!

When you create a new alarm (iOS 13) you should have the option to “repeat” the alarm for selected days of the week (irritatingly it does not have “every day”).
You cannot edit existing alarms to make them repeat - the feature is only available when creating new alarms.
For what it is worth I first encountered the “repeat” function when creating automations in the Home app and just found it also in the Clock app when investigating your query.
Looking again at your query, it might be that the repeat function is disabled when you “stop” an alarm (i.e. a new bug). I will have to wait a day to test this!

I am using iOS 12.x on an SE and can edit an existing alarm to make it repeat.


Ah - I see the Edit button now! Its like a game of find wally, looking for certain buttons in iOS.

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My mistake - I have found the Edit button :slight_smile:

What a pain - it used to repeat even tho I hit stop when it alarmed - suddenly it stopped repeating when I hit stop - I get the changes and have re done all my 4 alarms for meds to repeat daily - thanks for your reply and help - its much appreciated - I guess editing an existing alarm that was changed by the update may be a function that could be added later or at least if you want to changed days for an alarm being able to edit existing ones would be much easier than deleting and creating new ones - but - mine are fixed now - my bedtime or wake up alarm which is set for weekdays has not changed that I know of yet - altho I havnt stopped the alarm as yet to see - will have to test it and see what happens but guessing if it shows weekdays it retained the settings from before the update - I guess since its once a day and I dont use it all the time it may not have been affected - the other one I used 4 times a day every day - so it was more important to figure out - thanks again!

PS I guess since I just created the new alarms and have not stopped one of them yet - I dont really know if it is a bug that when you hit stop to stop the alarm it stops the alarm for the next day even tho it is set to repeat daily - at least that is how it was before the update - having re created the alarms we shall see if they are stopped by hitting the stop button and they do not repeat??? Like you said - may be a bug unless I am the only one that has noticed it???


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LoL - like you - once you mentioned it I found it too - wish I had seen it before I deleted all my old alarms - but im sure they were repeating alarms as they rang 4 times a day every day - so - hitting stop may still be a bug - we shall see tomorrow