AirDrop mystery

Airdrop is hit or miss a lot, but this is new. I was trying to go from the phone (13 Mini) to my MBP which was on my lap. It usually says “Diane’s MacBook Pro” (or iPad if that’s in range).

Any idea what the deal is with the eyes and partial number?

Well…that does look weird, and unsettling.

Were you on a public WiFi connection at the time? That looks to me like an invitation to list the 53 other people around you who were connected to that node and had iPhones ready to open an AirDrop connection.


I was in my house on my own wifi. No evidence of anyone else attached to it that shouldn’t have been there. I disconnected and reconnected and it was still there.

The only time I’ve seen other random people on Airdrop was at an old job, but those were people on that specific network at the time.

I haven’t seen that weird thing since but eek is right. I thought maybe someone was walking down the street, but it was there long enough that I don’t think that was the case. Not that I’ve ever picked up someone walking down the street before - if that was the case I’d be able to pick up my neighbors as well and they never show up.

I don’t have my wifi set for public access although there is a Comcast public point around here.