After comma digits are not recording using Siri

I am recording several days a week weight results with a ShortCut using Siri on HomePod minis and my iPhone 12 mini or watch.

Today looking at Health data I found out that since 23Dec22

  • using a HomePod mini the comma for the after comma digits is omitted. So 75,1 becomes 751 kilograms.
  • using my iPhone 12 mini or watch it records only the before comma digits, so 75,1 becomes 75.

I am always running the latest version of iOS (up to 16.7) and watchOS (up to 9.x) on all my HomePod minis and iPhone 12 mini .

Does anybody have a similar problem?

it could be a localisation thing, for example in the UK and US ', ’ is a 1000’s delimiter and ‘.’ is a decimal - is the locales on each device the same?

The unit system on all devices is metric, so is the number format. Checked that.

I found a solution to my problem. :grinning:

I had to change the format of the weight value, which my shortcuts asks for, in the shortcut from “number” to “text”. Now the value is showing as xx,x kg in the Health app again.

Doesn’t make sense to me to record a weight value as text… looks like Apple has changed something behind the scenes.