Adware pop-up (Flash update)

For the past week or so I have been getting a popup window in Safari (13.0.4, macOS 10.14.6) with the URL… saying my Adobe Flash Player is out of date and offering to download and install the latest version.

Running DetectX finds no adware on my computer.

Anything else I should do?

Any way to prevent the popup?

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In most cases, such popups are caused by javascript embedded into an advertisement on the site you are visiting (so-called malvertising), not by anything on your computer.

The only ways to prevent it are to not visit that site or install a good ad-blocking extension in Safari and any other browsers you use.

There’s a slim possibility this is a new variety of adware, which isn’t known to DetectX yet. If you continue to see the popups after taking the above steps, contact Sqwarq Support.

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Never, Ever reply/click on any email link. Period. Simply hovering over an email link should show you the actual URL (which I’m willing to bet does not contain “adobe”). Adobe is still an ongoing business, despite the fact that Flash is mostly dead (thank goodness). So, go directly to Adobe and search for the latest Flash Player. That’s all you need for any site that has not yet been convinced to avoid Flash like the plague. :blush:

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Hmmm, I’ve never heard of DetectX

Got this when I went looking for it:

Download blocked:

Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity.

We strongly recommend you do not continue.

I can assure you that DetectX Swift is a legitimate and effective application that is in no way a scam. I have known the developer for probably a decade now, going back to his days as a leading expert on AppleScript and probably the single best expert on the complete removal of MacKeeper, which courts found to be a scam app.

Was that the Firefox or Chrome version of Browser Guard? I’ll be reporting this to Malwarebytes (and Phil Stokes) as a False Positive.

For what it’s worth, a few days ago I decided to remove all website data stored in Safari, as mentioned here: (Ignore the “virus” terminology.)

Since then the problem hasn’t returned.


Go to, update your flash player from the source. Let it update on its own. And web sites that then pop that up you should close out, it will install malware on your computer.

Go to, update your flash player from the source. Let it update on its own. And web sites that then pop that up you should close out, it will install malware on your computer.

Thank you for the suggestion, but my problem was not how to update Flash – it was how to get rid of a Flash malware popup.

I explained how I did that in my previous message.


Unless you have a strong/compelling reason to have Flash on your computer, I strongly recommend removing it entirely.

Flash is a security nightmare, a resource hog, and even Adobe is trying to get rid of it (three years ago, they announced the end-of-lifei, effective in 2020 [].

I’ve been Flash-free for well over a year now, and haven’t run into any impediments. Ditto for friends and family I’ve given the same advise to. Any Website worth the paper it is printed on has migrated away from Flash by now.

Getting rid of Flash will solve your problem completely (and will likely prevent others in the future).

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Although your suggestion is great, it doesn’t relate to the OP’S issue in any way. Those faked malware pop ups occur independent of whether you have Flash Player installed or not.

I’ve found that Antivirus Zap,, is an inexpensive solution to this problem.

Been running it since early March 2019 after reading about it in the UK version of MacWorld

If you have Flash installed, there should be a Flash preference pane in System Preferences. You can update Flash from here, if an update is available. This doesn’t solve the popup issue, but it insures you have the latest version of Flash, if you need it.

As you stated, this doesn’t solve the OP’s problem which has nothing at all to do with whether he has Flash Player installed or not.