Add and Share Subscription URL to iCloud Calendar

Does iCloud Calendar support subscriptions and then share the subscription using iCloud Family Sharing?

For example, this URL points to the schedule for Homecoming activities; there are entries on October 3 and 8:

Two Questions:

  1. Is there a way for an iCloud Calendar to subscribe to this URL? (You can do so on macOS Calendar, but I can’t see any way for an iCloud Calendar to add a subscription.)
  2. Assuming it is possible for iCloud Calendar add subscriptions, can the resulting iCloud Calendar then be shared to members of iCloud Family Sharing?

My goal is to find the easiest way to add multiple calendar subscriptions to each family member’s iOS calendar.

Yes, of course, I could email all the URLs to each of them, and then they could each go through the tedium subscribing to each URL at:

Settings → Calendar → Accounts → Add Account → Other → Add Subscribed Calendar

I think that it would be a lot easier (and less error-prone) if I were to add the subscriptions to our iCloud Family Sharing Calendar and then invite each of them to join.

Other suggestions?

UPDATE: July 9, 2022 9:10 PM

Apparently, the only way to add a calendar subscription to the iCloud Calendar is to subscribe to it on a Mac choosing iCloud as the “location” of the subscribed calendar:

But, I presume that this makes the subscription available in my personal iCloud Calendar alone, not the Family Sharing iCloud Calendar. I further presume that my macOS Calendar must be open in order to synchronize with the URL subscription and thereby update the iCloud Calendar. I don’t use macOS Calendar; I use Google Calendar.

I didn’t actually try it.

It’s too complicated. I give up. I’ll just make each individual subscribe to multiple calendars on their iOS Calendar.

Here on iOS 15 I would do this:

Calendar app > Calendars… > Add Calendar > Add Subscription Calendar > paste your URL

I’m sorry, but I don’t see this choice on Calendar for iOS 15.5.

When I open the Calendar app, there is a “Calendars” link at the bottom of the screen:

However, tapping this link displays a list consisting of only calendars that are already available; the display does NOT include an option to create a new calendar subscription using a URL.

The only way (that I know of) to create a new calendar subscription by URL is:

Settings → Calendar → Accounts → Add Account → Other → Add Subscribed Calendar

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Odd. I’m on iOS 15.5 as well and I clearly see two options there: Add Calendar and Show All.

I see what Simon sees. At the bottom of the page if the list of calendars, but not scrolling with it, is a bar with the option to add a calendar that pops up two sub options.

Here’s what shows for me … I don’t see a way to add a subscription from this screen. (“Show” and “Hide” simply toggle whether an existing calendar is displayed/overlayed; they do NOT provide a way to subscribe.)

On my phone, on the same level as “show all”, to the left, there is an “add calendar” control that lets you add a new calendar or subscribe to a new one. I sync calendars with iCloud. Are you syncing calendars, and, if so, with which service?

My iOS (and macOS) Calendar syncs only with Google Calendar. I do NOT use iCloud for calendars (or contacts) whatsoever.

I guess that iOS Calendar is more tightly integrated with with iCloud Calendar than with Google Calendar. Most likely this explains the discrepancy between what I see and what others on this list are seeing.

Thank you for asking and clearing up the confusion.

I also use Goggle Calendar for work, but I also have a personal iCloud calendar that my iPhone displays alongside. Perhaps that’s why it’s showing for me. ??? Doesn’t make any sense to me though because I actually used exactly that button in the past to subscribe to another G calendar. At work we have many different G calendars for different projects. I usually subscribe to a couple of those and that button is what I use.