About that iOS Mail badge

Far more useful to me than a badge telling me how many unread emails I have (75,577 as of this writing—please don’t laugh) would be a badge telling me how many I’ve received since LAST OPENING the iOS Mail app.

Anyone with me? Have I missed a setting or an app that does that?

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Select all your “unread” email that’s older than when you last opened mail and hit shift-cmd-u (mark read). Done. :slight_smile:

Thanks. But I need to know which email is unread.

I use two Smart Mailboxes and you should (might be able to get what you want

My furst Snart Mailbox is unread messages from today. this pvoides a smart view of UnRead with tody’s date. The 2nd is unread from yesterday

Haven’t tired it but you might be able to have it use “from last open”

Good luck

The badge only shows Unread so I doublt the above would affect the badge. I don’t use the bbadge indicator and don’t really look at it


Why? (considering you have 75k unread email)

[Despite what it may sound like, I’m really not trying to be an ass. Just curious.]

A useful search criterion.