A walk down memory lane to Macworld Expo 1985

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published a neat article about the very first Macworld Expo in the City by the Bay, including interesting photos and a facsimile of the original advertisement for the show.


P.S.: If you run into a paywall for the above link, please try this one instead (thanks for the heads-up, @aforkosh!):


My hubby and I were there. :slight_smile: I would have enjoyed reading the article, but it’s behind a pay wall. :wink: Oh well, I have my memories.

I don’t have a subscription, so I couldn’t access the article. :sob:

Strange. I don’t either, but I could read it just fine. I suspect my ad blocker blocked the paywall. :smiley:

Sorry that you ran into a paywall. :frowning: AFAIK, the Chronicle allows non-subscribers to read a few articles per month for free.

Have you tried opening the link in an incognito window in your browser, to ensure that there is no left-over cookie that might force up the paywall?

Worked fine for me in Safari reader mode, but I had the paywall otherwise.


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Try this link. I subscribe to the digital edition of the SF Chronicle and can supposedly create links to share articles.


Thanks @aforkosh! That worked perfectly. Fun little article.

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It still didn’t work for me on my iPad.