2019 MacBook Pro not sleeping

Hi all,

I have a 2019 MacBook Pro that I recently updated to MacOS 14, and I’ve since noticed that when I close the lid and then later pick it up, the MBP is always warm/hot. Even when I manually select “Sleep” from the Apple menu and then later touch or pick it up, it’s still warm/hot. This morning, after putting it to sleep last night, this morning when I went to use it, the battery was dead.

I’m attempting to reset the SMC on this MBP, but when I shut it down and try to press the left (shift + control + option) keys, it immediately powers on and starts to boot.

Any suggestions?


I’ve since found other directives on how to reset the SMC on my MBP, and have done that. Hopefully, that will resolve the issues that I’m having.

Well, resetting the SMC didn’t work. I unplugged the MBP and put it to sleep last night. This morning the battery is dead, again. Does anyone have any other ideas on what might be causing this?

Have you searched for the word “sleep” in System Settings? Might be some things to try there. And here’s an article with some things to try as well.

When I have trouble sleeping, I read this article:

You can use Sleep Aid Sleep Aid - Diagnose and solve Mac sleeping issues to help diagnose issues.

I wonder if /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor.app shows any processes using a large amount of CPU? Select View > All Processes, select the CPU tab, and click the % CPU column heading to sort by CPU usage. (I think… I’m on macOS 12.4, but hopefully this app hasn’t changed much?)

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