2015 App "Editorial": snippets

The useful text edit app Editorial has been updated only a few times since it’s 2015 release and the most recent was by Apple. One feature was the ability to create and edit snippets, which I used extensively until the edit function broke several years ago. Sometime later, the snippet edit/create/delete icon disappeared. (Was this Apple?) Interestingly, the snippets I defined still exist and work as originally defined.

1 - what happened?
2 - is there some way to access the snippet edit function? Is it still broken?

edit: snippets are called TextExpander

Are you talking about this app by Ole Zorn? If so, I can only imagine the author stopped supporting it, focusing on Pythonista. Unfortunately, not all app developers stick with their projects, which is unfortunate when charging $5.

I’m still using Editorial.

The App Store on my iPhone shows it as last updated 3 years ago.

I have occasionally seen updates to non-Apple apps which are attributed to Apple. I believe that Apple do this (without the original app developer’s involvement) when an App Store security certificate within an old app needs updating.

As far as I remember, Editorial has its own snippets system, or it can use snippets defined within TextExpander, which is a separate app from a different company.

I’m not sure how Editorial’s own snippets system works.

I’m using TextExpander, and that is still working ok for me. When I need to edit a snippet, I do that within the TextExpander app, then press an “Update TE Snippets” button within Editorial to make it read that update.

I hope that helps. If not, I see a contact link at the top right of https://www.omz-software.com, which gives an email address… perhaps try contacting the author of Editorial that way?

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Thanks. I was under the incorrect impression that Text Expander was a synonym for snippets. I use Editorial daily.

I’ve looked through the Omz Software webpages. It appears that someone did an incomplete job of removing snippet information. The function name shows up in several places but never leads to useful information.

The fact that the update of three years ago was done by Apple led me to the same conclusion you made about abandonment.

I’ll look into Text Expander, thanks.