2011 iMac USB/SD Card ports failing?

For a couple of years I’ve had random instances of external drives disappearing with this machine to the point where I bought a new backup drive for my photos feeling the drive itself was failing. I never had issues using it, it always shows on a reboot, but it would just disappear now and then causing me to reboot the machine to get it back.

I’m restarting my scanning project and yesterday had a difficult time getting the software to see the scanner. I tried different ports and had to reboot a few times. When I plugged the scanner in a couple of weeks ago I had the same issue, but one reboot solved it and I figured the system just needed to see it on boot. I used it with no problems Friday but could not get it going again yesterday.

Also new this week is that it’s not recognizing SD cards, again taking multiple insertions and reboots. The cards are instantly seen by my MBP and camera.

My question is, is this a known problem with these machines and is it possible there is one controller for both the USB ports and the SD slot? And is it an easy fix.

This is running Sierra due to legacy software.