1Password replacement suggestions for 2023

With all the latest news of breaches in password managers online storage, does anyone have a recommended application that meets the following criteria:

  1. NO mandatory online storage (security problem)
  2. NO mandatory subscription (greed problem)
  3. Will run on MacOS 10.13.6, iOS 12 and later OS versions
  4. Local WiFi sync between Macs and iDevices (no iClod sync)
  5. Has browser extensions for Safari 13.1.2 and later (also for Brave, FirefoxESR, Opera and Vivaldi)
  6. Can import from 1Password 7

If I can’t find one then I’ll be forced to go back to the 3M system.

Thank you.

While I can’t claim to have evaluated every possibility…I’ve done most of the major ones and I’ve found nothing that meets all 6 of those criteria. Plenty that meet 4 or 5…but not all 6.

While I agree with the greed problem in #2#1 being a security issue is less of a problem with 1PW v8 because the overall encryption is done on your device and only the essentially double encrypted blob is uploaded to their servers…and if you log in via web you have to input both your Master Password and Secret Key and they keep neither of those as all of the decryption happens on your end in the browser window. While I don’t really like the greed issue…none of the other options have come close enough to meeting needs for me except 1PW v7…which I will continue to use until it dies and/or they refuse to support it any more and/or it breaks on a macOS update and they decline to fix it. At that point…dunno what I’ll do, will evaluate again if there are new options to consider but if I had to decide today I would reluctantly go to 1PW v8.


I’m going to suggest this…again. Take a look at Buttercup. See GitHub - buttercup/buttercup-desktop: Cross-Platform Passwords & Secrets Vault

I see that Buttercup does not yet support tablets. That’s a critical obstacle to adoption for a lot of people. I need access to my passwords from all three devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad).

Enpass does all that I’d say, but you should do your own testing, I don’t use all those browsers.

You’ve been a fan of Enpass in the past, when you felt it was time to move on from 1PW7. What made you change your mind?

Look at Password Wallet by Selznick Software. It has been around since Mac OS 9 (or earlier‽) and meets most of your criteria. Sold, reliable, old school, and private. I’ve been using it since the old days.


Thanks for the replies. I’m trying Enpass on Firefox. I’m also looking at “Secrets” from Outer Corner. I seems to meet about 5 of my criteria and I have a question into them about the one I’m not sure about.

Did more evaluation and the lack of formatted Secure Notes is something I’m just not willing to live without. In addition…I was not aware at the time that all decryption is done on device or in browser and that the only copy of the data that their servers has is fully double encrypted with the Master and Secret Keys. Also…there was a complete lack of local backup/restore…but they have revealed the actual location of the local fully encrypted copy and that using CCC or TM or whatever to backup that works…and that if Bad Things © happen resulting in complete loss of data on their end (which I agreed all along was highly unlikely but highly unlikely does not equate to impossible and the IT sysadmin in me frowned on that approach…anyway a restore on a single device on my end followed by sync will replicate in the worst case scenario my backed up copy of the vaults to their servers.

My objections to v8 were…local backup/restore which is non negotiable, subscription which I already have anyway, lack of DropBox storage which was critical until I found that their copy is essentially a backup and used for sync only unless one logs in through the web site, and the non native macOS client which is pretty much a nothing burger to me.

I still don’t like the fact that their VC owners/part owners are driving the train for profit and moving the business model (IMO) to corporate/enterprise to the detriment of individual users…but it’s their company so I don’t get a vote on that other than leaving…and on further reflection and finding out additional info the elegance (even though v8 is less elegant than v7 is) of their app compared to the alternatives has me thinking that unless the alternatives bring back some of the capabilities that 1PW has and they don’t I might eventually go with v8. That said…I’m staying on v7 until it no longer works.

It isn’t that I don’t like the alternatives…just that most of my objections to v8 have been addressed adequately. I still think that automated local backup and restore should be in the app…but it’s not…and that users should not have to roll their own CCC task or depend on TM or whatever other backup method they use…but I can work around their IMO deliberately imposed limitations.

I gave up on 1PassWord when their fees increased. I now use the free BitWarden. It works across all platforms but I’m not certain it meets all your criteria.

I looked at BW as sell…doesn’t meet his criteria or mine.

That’s precisely what I did given I was informed by the folks at 1PW that 7 Family was no longer supported with updates beyond security updates. I won’t get into the “greed” criteria as I am more than willing to pay for the advantages I receive employing 1PW8F every day. I was a tad confused with where things has gone, i.e., creating a password which easily appeared in 7 in the menu section, which I used enough to want it readily accessible. Support at 1PW provided non-stop support and given 1PW7 is no longer supported with updates beyond security, given the ease of use of 8, given the support I received with diagrams showing me everything I needed to know to familiarize my use of 8 compared to 7, I made the upgrade, and do not regret it. I accepted Support’s reply to my concern having kept up with discussions in Tidbits about certain objections to 8 because of the changes that so many felt were deal breakers. Support explained it to me in a way that, frankly, I felt I can accept. I am not a iCloud person and don’t feel comfortable with content up there rather than down here on my equipment. I have been computing since 1986 and in 2008 switched to Apple and remained with the brand every since. I was persuaded by Support’s reasonable explana

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Re greed; what do you consider a reasonable cost to pay for something that suits you?



  1. If I buy a copy of the software, I own it and it will run as long as it’s compatible with my system.
  2. I will purchase major upgrades to the software individually when they are released.

Exact numbers will vary by product, but will be based on perceived market value.

PRECISELY! When AgileBits first started this scheme I crunched the numbers. First I figured out the average life of a major version (like from version 7 to version 8) release and it was more than 24 but less than 36 months. I then divided the monthly subscription rate (before taxes) into the cost of the standalone product to determine how many months it would be and found that it was less than 24 months.Thus I determined that over the average life of the new version I would pay way more than the cost of the standalone product! IOW, after I had paid the equivalent of the reasonably priced standalone product AgileBits would be raking in a large windfall profit from me. That is pure greed.

Let’s move on from complaints that don’t raise anything new or constructive.


Another vote for Password Wallet from a very longtime user.

I looked at that but from reading the manual, it sounds like it doesn’t meet numbers 5 & 6 on my list. How do you use PW from within web browsers and which ones? The manual seems outdated (it references Palm) but can it import.1pif files from 1Password?

Dennis…PW is fine for what it does, I used to use it years ago myself before switching to 1PW v3…and my wife still uses it despite my recommendation to switch…and I have no idea whether it will adequately import files from 1PW. However…in addition to not meeting your requirements it has some…let’s call them issues…which make it a non starter for me but YMMV.

Sync is terrible.

It has a sort of fill in auto for web sites but not via a plug in, you have to switch to the app, press some magic keys, switch back and then it auto fills…I was never able to get this to consistently work.

Limited feature set…no different kinds of records, not an insurmountable issue but a nice to have option. No Secure Notes option at all, ypu can put notes in a record but no formatting and limited length.

Little updates and no new features added in years.

Backup of the vault is cumbersome at best.

Supported by a one man shop…which isn’t necessarily bad but the lack of updates and new features plus googling his name indicates that he has largely moved on to other interests IMO and while he is somewhat responsive to questions any feature request emails ar just ignored…so fundamentally I believe it is an almost orphaned app. As you noted…the manual still references Palm and he’s got zero interest in editing to remove those references, add features, or improve existing sorta works features.

It does work…and does what it does…but it simply doesn’t provide the feature set and capabilities of its more modern competitors. I still have it on my devices but haven’t used it in years.