1Password 7 updater problems

Anyone else having problems with 1Password 7? The latest installer failed and left the application in a “can not open” state.

Can you re-install it? Or uninstall followed by a new installation?

Obviously, take care to preserve your PW database, just in case something goes catastrophically wrong.

Had a similar issue once…I used the Quit 1Password Completely menu, deleted the app, rebooted (or maybe just logged out and in as an admin user, can’t remember which) to make sure, and reinstalled the app. Left preference file alone and then ran the installer and it worked fine.

I was just back home yesterday to my iMac for the first time in weeks and updated the app just fine. I agree with the others - try deleting the app and reinstalling.

Thanks, all. Reinstalling the app (once I found the IPassword 7 download location :-) fixed the problem.

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The 1password team are super helpful to users with issues. That would always be my first port of call.
Sure it’s vital to preserve your PW database as one user suggested, but how?
Is a simple copy enough. Does 1P have a restore feature like Time Machine (which works very well that’s days).

I had trouble as well with a recent update. In my case, I was logged into two different accounts on my MacBook Pro, both of them with 1Password open/in use. In the non-admin account, the 1Password updater ran and I used my admin credentials to let it complete the install. When I switched back to my main admin account, it was still running the previous version and the Safari integration wasn’t working.

I ended up quitting out of 1Password from the non-admin account, and then downloading and re-running the installer from my admin account, which seemed to resolve the browser integration issue.

7 makes automatic daily backups unless you turned them off. I believe the default location is a folder named Backups inside the folder containing your database file…I moved my backups elsewhere though. Simply copying the database and the last couple backups someplace else is sufficient to preserve them.

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