1Password 7 mystery

The backup battery died and the iMac2017 running on an external Thunderbolt got corrupted so I erased it, reinstalled Monterey and restored from Time Machine, omitting “other files…”. Starting up, I had to enter my Dropbox password and went through the choices of what Dropbox folders to sync. I have been using both Strongbox and 1Password7 as a test for some months – yes, extra work. I started up Strongbox to get my Dropbox password, and of course, it couldn’t get my Strongbox passwords from Dropbox. Here is what is confusing me. I started up 1Password 7 and it said that it was damaged and to trash it and re-download it from the App Store, but then it started anyway and it knew my Dropbox password even though I sync my passwords for 1Password using Dropbox. Hm… how did 1Password know my Dropbox password?

Could well be a cached version in the Library you restored?

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What adieb said. 1Password 7’s local database isn’t in your Dropbox, that’s only used for synching. The local database is in ~/Library/Group Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.agilebits/Library/Application Support/1Password.

So the question is: what was restored from Time Machine, when you omitted “other files…”?

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Good question. It seems that omitting “other files” resulted in Filemaker 15 forgetting its license and the computer couldn’t print. I am going to try storing an additional Strongbox database in iCloud.