1Password 7 for Mac Offers a Fresh Look… for an Upgrade Price

(henryfrom1Password) #74

Appreciate the honest critique @Matt_McCaffrey, and I’ll take it to heart. Neither Greig nor I is under any pressure to sell subscriptions, and we’re both just trying to help you! I personally feel that 1Password accounts are better and easier to use, and thus right for the majority of our userbase, but if you like the licensed way of doing things, more power to ya. That’s why we kept them around!

I’ll be around if you need me for any more support.

(Matt McCaffrey) #75

Since the app is technically not licensed, the standalone vaults (which is what I’ve actually been using) become read-only until you either start a new subscription plan or purchase a standalone license.

You could also reinstall 1PW6 (provided it’s licensed), which can read the newer vault format.

(Curtis Wilcox) #76

Okay, what is the macOS file path to those offline copies?

With the previous .agilekeychain format, I can Show Package Contents, open an 1Password.html, and enter my master password to give me me read access to everything in the vault using nothing but a web browser (though I understand that these days the browser’s security has to be tweaked to permit the JavaScript file to run). Is there a way to read what’s in 1PW 7’s offline copies without the app?

If my Mac or iPhone are offline, I still have a copy of all my data but for how long does the app continue fully working (read/write) offline?

(Neil Laubenthal) #77

Preferences, Backup, Show Files.

(Curtis Wilcox) #78

@neil1, when I tried that in 1PW 6, nothing happened and I thought it was because I don’t have a subscription and use Dropbox to backup and sync. Then I discovered you have to select one of the listed backups before clicking Show Files. For me, that takes me to ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/Backups/ and all the files end with .1p4_zip. Is the path and filename extension the same for 1PW 7?

Anyway, that’s the path to zipped backup copies and I was asking Henry the location of the “live” files that 1Password uses. For my non-subscription, Dropbox syncing use, I think the “live” location is the .agilekeychain files in my Dropbox folder. Maybe that’s not true, maybe those are promptly updated by 1PW and the real, real live location is elsewhere, maybe a .sqlite file like this one: ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/Data/OnePassword.sqlite.

(Richard Rettke) #79

I use dropbox for my 1Password syncing. When I discontinued 1Password7 and reverted back to 1Password6, the file I was told to point at (and which works) is named 1Password.opvault and it’s in the 1Password folder in my Dropbox.

(Neil Laubenthal) #80

By default (I think)…if you choose DropBox the live data is at the root directory which is at ~/DropBox…but you can put it anywhere you wanted when you set it up. For the Subscription model…no idea where it is but likely in ~/Library/Application Support somewhere…I will dig around on my laptop later and see if I can find it.

The file format for 6 and 7 is the same as long as you’ve switched to the .opvalt format instead of the old .agilekeychain format…I think this is required now and it was introduced in v6 I think.

(Matt McCaffrey) #81

Yes, it is required now. Yesterday, I fired up my Fusion installation of Windows 7 [shudder!], and the 1PW 4 installation, which is licensed under my cross-platform registration. I pointed it to the opvault vault and it was happy. Same with iPhone. I will do the same with iPad. I plan to do this with the 1PW6 on my MBPro, and then migrate to 1PW7 using the new standalone license.

(henryfrom1Password) #82

@cwilcox The data is in ~/Library/Group Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.agilebits/Library/Application Support/1Password/Data. But you don’t need to know that—you can always export your data to 1PIF or CSV if you need to use it elsewhere.

(Fearghas McKay) #83

There is an interesting piece on BGR about Apple and 1Password.

Main takeaway is that Apple are using the standalone version for their proposed rollout, alongside a possible acquisition of AgileBits.


(brian_ag) #84

Hi there, @fearghas!

I just wanted to point our response to this your way: https://twitter.com/1Password/status/1016710603359096846

“Rumours of my acquisition are completely false. My humans and I are happily independent and plan to remain so.”

(Fearghas McKay) #85


As I said the main point of interest is the fact that your large customer is going for the stand alone version.

Any comment on that ?



(henryfrom1Password) #86

Hi @fearghas! Sorry to say we can’t really speak to that at all. I can say that we continue to offer both accounts and standalone licenses for all our customers—while we recommend accounts for most people, the choice is yours and we’ll be happy that you’re using 1Password either way.

-Henry from the 1Password team


Millions of Android 1Password users + Google are probably having conniptions about this.

(Josh Centers) #88

If Apple were to purchase AgileBits (which I think would be a good thing), I don’t see why they wouldn’t keep the offering the Android version. Apple Music is available on Android.


---- Josh Centers tidbits-talk@talk.tidbits.com wrote:

If Apple were to purchase AgileBits (which I think would be a good thing), I don’t see why they wouldn’t keep the offering the Android version. Apple Music is available on Android.

I think it would be a good thing too if they can avoid potential minefields. A big one is weather they merge it with Keychain. If they do, they loose the revenue from what must be millions of Android users, so I doubt this will happen. They could make it part of a services package for Apple, with a different package for Android users, maybe mixed in with Music, etc.

Another minefield is weather or not AgileBits wants to sell it, and if Apple wants to “make them an offer they cannot refuse.” They could beef up Keychain without acquiring AgileBits and not loose any revenue, and add another good reason for people to buy Apple hardware. My gut instincts tell me this might be the reason they are doing the Apple employee deal…for the time being.

(Dave Kitabjian) #90

That’s because Apple Music isn’t free :slight_smile:

Like the iTunes Store which made a groundbreaking cross over to Windows, Apple is banking on the revenue from cross platform music to outweigh the small potatoes :potato: they might earn from a few people they might have been able to convince to jump ship to Apple just to get their exclusive music product.

But any 1Password integration to Apple products would, like the Siri and Shazam acquisitions, almost certainly be free, and viewed as a value add to draw people into the ecosystem. If they made it cross platform, that would defeat the purpose.

It is possible, however, that they might leave it cross platform but purchase it in order to control its destiny.