1Password 7 for Mac Offers a Fresh Look… for an Upgrade Price

(Deborah Loth) #51

Thanks, Matt. Really useful. Do you remember whether the licensing option is just for a single user, or whether there’s a family license?

(Matt McCaffrey) #52

The license is for Mac or Windows, but you can use it on every computer of a single platform that you control. There is no family or cross-platform license anymore. Whether reasonably or not, AgileBits believes the subscription is a better deal. Unless you stop paying it. (Sorry, but I think that’s an important point.)

(David Weintraub) #53

I bought 1Password back in version 3.0 and then bought the iOS version. I paid almost $80 for those versions and upgrades.

I decided to move to the service model. This way, I can get the rest of my family to use it. My wife uses the same passwords over and over and many of her accounts interact with my accounts. For example my bank accounts are shared. All the long random passwords and double factor authentication I use is useless.

The service model is actually a step back. 1Password using private storage means there was no honeypot hackers will try to attack. However, it allows me to share vaults with my wife where we have common passwords and separate vaults for our own private password.

(Matt McCaffrey) #54

I decided to move to the service model. This way, I can get the rest of my family to use it. My wife uses the same passwords over and over and many of her accounts interact with my accounts. For example my bank accounts are shared. All the long random passwords and double factor authentication I use is useless.

I agree, that’s one of the cases where the subscription model makes sense. In that case, it is less expensive to use the AgileBits server, and the liberal policy regarding app instances, versus setting up a family Dropbox account.

In our case, my spouse has every good intention of using 1PW, but has a hard time grokking the idea that each password can (and should) be different, so doesn’t easily see the point of using the password manager in the first place. I try to keep that computer ecosystem separate from mine, but of course we’re on the same household network and have both professional and personal reasons to share stuff.

I do believe you could still share vaults on 1PW7, even with a standalone license. You can still store a vault on iCloud or Dropbox, or on your own private server. In the subscription model you’re contracting with AgileBits to provide that service for you.

The flaw I have found is this: If I’m paying them, and for whatever reason I stop, the subscription license turns into a “boot” that cripples my use of the app. I listed the effects in an earlier post.

With the standalone, even if I lose access to my cloud repository, the worst that could happen is that the different iterations of the app go out of sync. I’m just “off-line,” not “frozen.” Each iteration continues to log its changes, and when I regain access to the shared repository everyone syncs up again.

Oh, and as of 9:45 AM EDT I have not received a reply to my request for rolling back the trial account. So, my desktop 1PW is still frozen, and I can’t upgrade to a standalone license from any of my other Macs that are still on 1PW6.

(Josh Centers) #55

My account is currently locked, so I’m able to test a few things that I couldn’t before. No, you cannot buy a standalone license while your account is frozen—you can go through all the steps, but when it’s time to pay you get the frozen account error message. I’ll mention that to AgileBits.

(Conrad Hirano) #56

It makes sense that if you let your subscription lapse, you lose use of the application as you no longer have a valid license. The inability to buy the standalone license, though, sounds like a bug.

You can have standalone vaults, which are stored on your computer, in addition to the vaults which are part of your subscription. Are use of those vaults affected as well when your subscription runs out?

(henryfrom1Password) #60

Hi @cwilcox and sorry for the late-ish reply!

If you upgrade to 1Password Families (which I’d totally recommend, it’s pretty nice!) everything is synced for you magically, behind the scenes. Your vaults no longer exist as AgileKeychain files on your device, but that’s nothing to fear (in fact, I’d say it’s news to celebrate): the 1Password apps on all your devices hold complete offline copies of all your data (so they are your backups), and you can always export your data to 1PIF or CSV should you want to copy it elsewhere.

Let me know if I can help along the way. :slight_smile:

Henry Stern
Support Savant at 1Password

(henryfrom1Password) #61

Hi @Matt_McCaffrey! Sorry you ran into trouble, but I’m right here to help. :smile:

Indeed, when your account trial expires, it becomes frozen: essentially, your data is read-only until you add a payment method. However, there is one thing we absolutely will not do when your account freezes: block you from reading or exporting any of your data. That’s because we firmly believe that your data is yours!

If you’d like to continue using 1Password (as I sure hope you do!) you can add a card to your account, purchase a 1Password gift card, or move all your data to a standalone vault, remove your account from the app, and then purchase a license.

Let me know if you’d like any more help with any of this!

Henry Stern
Support Savant at 1Password

(henryfrom1Password) #62

Hi @deborah! I’m so glad to hear you’ve been loving 1Password for such a long time. Have you gotten your upgrade to 1Password 7 figured out thanks to Fritz and Matt? If not, I’m happy to help you out more!

Henry Stern
Support Savant at 1Password

(henryfrom1Password) #63

Hi @jeff5, I’m glad to hear you’re mostly enjoying 1Password 7!

As far as making filling a little easier: try hitting Command + \ to make filling with 1Password in your browser a breeze! And on the topic of changing your passwords: usually, it’s as simple as navigating to the “My Account” tab of any given website. Here are instructions from Github in particular: https://help.github.com/articles/updating-your-github-access-credentials/#changing-an-existing-password

Let me know anytime if there’s more I can do to help!

Henry Stern
Support Savant at 1Password

(henryfrom1Password) #64

Hi @jtbayly, Henry here from 1Password! I know it’s a little late, but I’d be happy to help.

Once you download 1Password 7 from our website, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to a 1Password account or purchase a license! I’d for sure recommend the account—it’s got more than its fair share of benefits, from more seamless syncing to all the latest apps on all your devices, plus you can prepay (and get a nice discount!) with a gift card if you’d like—but the choice is entirely yours.

Let me know if you’d like any more help with this, and my teammates and I are always happy to help!


Henry Stern
Support Savant at 1Password

(Matt McCaffrey) #65

Thanks Conrad. The issue is that I can’t purchase a 1PW standalone upgrade from my 1PW 6 installation. The trial expiration freezes the entire account. AgileBits says that getting out of this situation requires their hands-on help.

It’s also worth noting that 1PW7 created a new standalone vault because they moved from the Keychain based vault to their own solution. I have avoided syncing anything from the iMac. Though AgileBits says that the newer vault format is compatible with 6 and their iOS apps, I have not found any way to actually view them from those apps.

(Matt McCaffrey) #66

If you can expedite backing out of the trial subscription, that would be the best help right now. I’ve been a happy customer for many iterations, and I want to continue being so once this bump in the road is smoothed out. Thanks!

(henryfrom1Password) #67

Sure thing @Matt_McCaffrey! First off, I’d recommend continuing your account—not only does it include wonderful benefits like all the latest apps on all your devices, trouble-free syncing, and extra security with the Secret Key, but it’s also a lot easier to use day-to-day—but if that’s not right for you, here are instructions on switching to using 1Password 7 with a license (not recommended but still an option).

Step 1. Create a standalone vault

If you don’t already have a Primary vault, create one:

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.
  2. Choose 1Password > Preferences and click Advanced.
  3. Turn on “Allow creation of vaults outside of 1Password accounts”.

Step 2. Copy your data to your Primary vault

Then copy your data from the vault(s) in your 1Password account to your Primary vault:

  1. Choose 1Password > Switch to Vault, and select the vault that contains the items you want to move. Or use All Vaults to view all your items.
  2. Select All Items in the sidebar to see everything in the currently selected vault(s).
  3. Select an item in the list and choose Edit > Select All.
  4. Choose Items > Share > Primary > Copy.

Step 3. Sign out of your account

To use 1Password without an account, choose 1Password > Preferences. Click the Accounts icon, select your account, and click the - button.

Step 4. Purchase your license

If you’re not prompted with the “Upgrade to 1Password 7” window (on which you can choose the small “Need a license?” button down low), you can purchase your license from the 1Password 7 menu in the top system menubar.

Of course, let me know if you need any help along the way!

(B. Jefferson Le Blanc) #68

Hi Harry -

Thanks for reminding me. It’s a matter of getting in the habit of using the shortcut. As for changing my password, some web sites make it harder than others. Sometimes I get aggravated. But I’ll try Gighub again.

(Matt McCaffrey) #69

Both henryfrom 1Password and Greig from 1Password in Aberdeen, Scotland have reached out and provided the answer to upgrading with a standalone license after a trial subscription. I’ll say at the top, thank you both. I like your company, I like the product, and there was no question whether I wanted to keep using it. I hope you’ll keep reading to take in what I intend as constructive critique.

I want to say this politely, because I can’t know what kind of pressure they are under to sell subscriptions, but it’s notable that both responses came with a ton of pressure to give in and go with the service model. Henryfrom acknowledges that it might be “not right for [me]”, but Greig tried his hardest to talk me out of it (via email, which is a losing proposition in my case! :grinning:).

I was also offered a financial incentive to retain the subscription. I don’t think it’s proper to mention it in this discussion, but let’s just say it would have been worth several cups of really fancy coffee.

My critique: Is it helpful to a tech company’s customer base to blur the lines between support and marketing so thoroughly? I reached out to AgileBits after taking out a curiosity flier on the subscription. What I found was the same Web-sync interface that they used to offer as part of a license. I don’t happen to need the benefit of that (and frankly, I don’t trust the “look it up on the Web” option anyway), so I needed help from the Support staff.

What I didn’t need was multiple email exchanges, cheerleading for the option I didn’t want, and all kinds of mystery that boils down to clicking a “–” control in the Preferences. There are two other major tech industries that employ their support staff for marketing and retention: cable television, and wireless telephony. If you try to downgrade your subscription with the support staff of either of those industries, you’ll get the same kind of treatment, with the addition of a referral to a “retention specialist” whose only job is to do whatever it takes to keep your account active.

Companies that satisfy their customer base don’t blur these lines so obviously. Support staffers might suggest an alternative solution, but they don’t dig in their heels and insist you are making a BIG mistake for choosing a solution that (1) they offer, and (2) really seems like the best for your situation.

Greig’s second email went so far as to include this “I can’t stop you from harming yourself” gem:

However, if you really want to downgrade back to a standalone licence and lose online access, automatic sync set up and all the latest versions of 1Password on all your devices please follow the guide below:

The link that followed is essentially the same information as henryfrom copied in.

Migrate to standalone

Sorry if the length of this counts as a rant, but now that I have the standalone license I wanted all along, I’ve had a moment to reflect…and I’m not feeling too good about a company I had previously admired.

(Dave Kitabjian) #70

I don’t know why you say “for an Upgrade Price”.

There is, I discovered, no upgrade price. And Agile teases you with their “upgrade” section:


but there is no upgrade pricing to be found there, either. The only “upgrade” that existing users need to be aware of is that they will migrate your vaults to the new format.

I feel that this article and Agile’s web site should both be explicit about the fact that upgrading doesn’t give you any different pricing than the general populace.


(Joseph) #71

Thanks for making that clear. I was wondering exactly that.

(Dave Kitabjian) #72

You’re welcome. And I reached out to Agile to confirm, and that is the case. The promo of $15 off which is available to everyone is the best they claim they are likely to offer, and it will be available for only a limited time that they aren’t disclosing. But TidBITS members can get a discount, too, that I might be able to provide a link to soon…

(henryfrom1Password) #73

You’re most welcome @jeff5! It can be a hard habit to get into, but once you do, it’ll be hard to break. :wink:

Best of luck changing those passwords that need it, and I’m here for more anytime you need me!