1Password 7 for Mac Offers a Fresh Look… for an Upgrade Price

(Paul Chernoff) #29

You can buy a standalone license via the 1Password 7 app itself. But not through their website. So you need to download the app first.

(Paul Chernoff) #30

1Password has been working with iCloud since at least version 6. I have used the 1Password service, iCloud and Dropbox for synching. All work.

A number of the comments on this thread don’t seem to discuss 1Password7 but earlier version of 1Password, some from a few years ago. Which doesn’t address the original question about 1Password7 specifically.

(Richard Rettke) #31

1Password sync works with 1Password cloud, iCloud, Wi-Fi, a folder & Dropbox (there may be others). I’ve been using 1Password since it first came on the scene. My life and everything related to it is stored in 1Password. I have always used Dropbox sync and it is incredibly reliable (I’ve never had a dropbox issue prevent a sync). Once of the great benefits of 1Password is that it allows 1Password on all my devices to stay in sync. I have 1Password on 2 iMacs, 1 MBP, an iPad Mini 3, an iPad Air, an iPad 2 and an iPhone 6s Plus. Seamless and flawless integration.

(Robert Tallitsch) #32

I have been using Dashlane for quite a few years - synchs between multiple platforms and works without a hitch. Never did like PW or any of the others - just a personal preference.


(Fritz Mills) #33

In the macOS app store, it says 1Password 7 is free, with in-app purchases. The most frequent in-app purchases that are listed are 1) $35.99 for a 1-year subscription, 2) $3.99 for a 1-month subscription, and 3) $6.99 for a 1-month subscription. I have no idea why there are two different prices for a monthly subscription. Maybe a family-style plan?

For now, I’m sticking with 1Password 6, but it seems to me that the easiest path to an upgrade would be to get it from the macOS app store.

(John R) #34

7 was $4 a month or $36 annually. At $3 a month I chose yearly from Apple Store. Pay for it annually.

(Kristian Truelsen) #35

The article fails to mention that 1PW7 requires MacOS 12 (Sierra) and up.

(Paul Chernoff) #36

1Password has 3 different types of subscriptions. Individual, family and enterprise. Plus you can purchase it outright directly from their website. The App Store version can only be purchased via subscription. I’m not sure the App Store version doesn’t offer an annual family plan, which is what I bought from 1Password. I finally got the family plan since I need to save some account into with family, just offered my sister-in-law a license since she is my power of attorney.

(Curtis Wilcox) #39

My wife and I are still using 1Password 6, we’ve long shared a “vault” for shared passwords like Netflix and the utility company web site. I put the vault package in a Dropbox folder then shared the folder with her.

We may upgrade, switch to a family subscription, and use 1Password.com as the sharing/syncing method instead of Dropbox. Letting 1Password store the vaults, do the vaults still exist as .agilekeychain packages on my drive so they’re A) available offline and B) copyable to other locations?

(Doug Miller) #40

So, I don’t know specifically where they are stored, but 1Password.com accounts do cache a copy of the vaults on your system so that if you lose internet access you’ll still have access to at least the last known copy of the vault. That said, I do not know where on your system that they are stored, and I do not think that they are copyable to other locations (as you access your vault online in other locations, again with local cached copies.)

Another advantage (for the paranoid) is that online accounts allow you to designate specific vaults are inaccessible when you put your account in “travel mode”. I do this myself; I have a vault with critical account info, and passport copies, things like that, but almost all of my stored passwords are in a vault that is unavailable when in travel mode. If I am ordered to show my account when I am crossing a border or detained while I am not home, I can show the small handful of passwords, etc., without revealing them all. Anybody studying the account would have no idea that anything is not showing. (When you go into travel mode, the caches are flushed from your systems and only the vaults that are set for travel are shown.)

(See https://blog.agilebits.com/2017/05/18/introducing-travel-mode-protect-your-data-when-crossing-borders/ for perhaps a better explanation than my attempt above.)

(Tommy Weir) #41

I happily upgraded to the standalone 7. Such an excellent product, happy to keep the developer in business.

(MacHueMan) #42

I have been a 1Password user since the early days. I’ve been happy to send the developer money through several development cycles. This upgrade may cause me to consider other products or approaches. First, as the reviewer makes clear, this is mostly a cosmetic update. OK, but $50 worth? Second, th upgrade is clearly aimed at pushing the subscription model. Again, I don’t object to AgileBits getting paid, but the marginal value of the subscription fee (vs Office 365 or my Lightroom Mobile subscription) is not compelling. Third, is the not-so-subtle threat: upgrade or we won’t update any future security holes in your old version. This might be reasonable if v7 had been completely re-engineered for security purposes but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

(crun) #43

flat out disappointed with 1password v7. yeah sure it looks nicer; maybe more coherent. but nothing works properly any more. websites that i used to be able to login to with a single click now take multiple attempts, if they work at all. the mini-1password used to be a great substitute for my bookmarks, albeit with login attached. now i have to goto the site from my browser bookmarks cuz it takes too many clicks and mucking about to do it from within 1password mini.

i give this upgrade an outright fail.

(Joseph) #44

That’s good to know. Thanks for the review.

(Richard Rettke) #45

I have to agree with crun. 1PW 7 is a real disappointment. Everything he says I ran into, it was quite frustrating. The redesign has potential but it’s not ready for prime time. I reverted back to 1PW 6 and am quite happy with it as it is.

(Paul Chernoff) #46

My experience has been the opposite. 1Password7 has been working smoohter on my iMacs, especially mini-1password. Under version 6 and earlier it had the habit of locking and needing to be quit via Activity Monitor.

(Josh Centers) #47

If anyone can share Web sites where 1Password has given them trouble, I’d appreciate it. Especially sites that worked well in 1Password 6 but do not work well in 1Password 7. I haven’t had any problems myself, and like Paul said, it seems a bit more reliable than 1Password 6.

(Matt McCaffrey) #48

If you have a standalone license now, do the upgrade to 1Password 7, and in the “Purchase 1Password…” option in the 1Password menu, you’ll see a link that says “Need a license? We have those, too”. Click it. It should take you a screen where you will see the licensing option and the standalone option side by side. Don’t do what I did and “trial” the subscription option for 30 days. I have to wait until AgileBits support can remove that cruft to go ahead and purchase my license.

(Matt McCaffrey) #49

Sooo…it’s 30 days later.

On Saturday, my 30 day “trial” for the subscription timed out. Support is apparently not available until tomorrow. When the trial timed out, my 1Password account was changed to a “Frozen” status.

What this appears to be mean is:

  • I still have full access to all the INFORMATION in my account.
  • I can copy and paste stuff from the main app.
  • I CANNOT use the mini-app to log in to stuff on my Internet browser
  • I CANNOT make any changes to the information in my vault
  • I CANNOT purchase a standalone license or do anything else on the user account, except give them new credit card information to re-activate a subscription

That pretty much reduces 1Password to a kind of Notepad app.

That’s exactly why I don’t want to have a subscription. If I ever stop paying them, I’m SOL.

(Deborah Loth) #50

A significant omission! Thanks for pointing this out.