YouTube has a new app on Apple TV and it makes subscriptions unusable IMHO

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YouTube has a new app on Apple TV and it makes subscriptions unusable IMHO

Richard Rettke-2


90+% of my TV viewing has been YouTube subscriptions. I do not have any TV subscriptions (Cable, Dish etc.) and find the channels available on YouTube to have more than enough content to satisfy my needs. I currently subscribe to 103 channels.

Prior to this update if you viewed you subscriptions on Apple TV Gen 4 YouTube, it presented a grid 5/6 wide by however long as needed. It was relatively easy to scroll down to find which channel you wanted to watch.

With this update on my 42" tv, I get a single horizontal line displaying 3.5 channels and need to scroll horizontally to get to a channel I want. It's useless.

They provide a method to make your selection on your phone and have it display on the TV which is also useless because t A) they have ruined the interface for subscriptions on the phone also, and B) Why in heavens name would I want to have yet another device to mess with to elect my viewing pleasure.

Another Giant Step Backwards in the User Interface world by the YouTube Google boys.

If anyone knows how to improve this interface please reply.

BTW: I did access the help to see if there were any options to change the display, the help is also useless. I also looked in settings and there are none for the interface.

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