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Upgrading to Sierra

Sunil Joshi
Thank you Thomas.  I will give it a try, but looks like more memory will be good to have.  


On Jun 13, 2017, at 11:00 AM, [hidden email] wrote:

There is an unofficial patch to the Sierra installer that you can try, 
but of course, it’s very unsupported and you could end up with a 
system that will not boot. There’s also a very real possibility that 
your wi-fi will not be supported and you will need to install 
third-party USB wi-fi dongle to get wireless back. Learn more here: 

If this is your primary computer, I wouldn’t recommend it.

On 12 Jun 2017, at 13:31, Sunil Joshi wrote:

Hi, I have a 2008 24-inch iMac 3.06 GHz with 4GB memory.  It has a 
SSD, but won’t install Sierra.  The last version of OS X I was able 
to install was El Capitan.  The computer still works fine and I would 
hate to invest in a new computer just to take advantage of the new 
operating system.  How can I take advantage of the new OS on this old 

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