Trying not to feel an iMac on eBay

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Trying not to feel an iMac on eBay

Paul Brians
I offered my old iMac for auction on eBay, but meanwhile sold it via a Facebook forum. I went to try to cancel my eBay auction and found I couldn’t. I tried emending the listing to say it was no longer available. That was not allowed. I tried to contact eBay’s formerly excellent chat or phone support: that has been shut down. There’s no longer any way to engage with a person at eBay to work out a problem.

EBay’s threatening fines and downgrading my seller ranking if I back out of the deal. The auction expires tomorrow and someone will have the “winning” bid will send me money via PayPal. I have no idea how to return the money and cancel the deal.


Paul Brians
Bainbridge Island, WA

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