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Time Machine backups there/not there

Brian White
My 2GB Airport Time Capsule suddenly presented me a message today that it had “No Backups for 734 Days”.

A further message said “Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup. A network problem interrupted the backup… Latest successful backup: September 17, 2015”  (note the year).

If I “Enter Time Machine”, it shows me my current disk and files, but if I go back any period of time, there’s no files showing.

However it does show that I’m using approximately 1.23TB of the 2TB total disk space on the Time Capsule, so I know that my backup files are there, even if it won’t show them to me now. I can see the Time Capsule mounted from a Finder window, and there’s a Computer.sparsebundle file there that matches the amount of space I’m using on the Time Capsule.

Suggestions as to what I can/should do to fix this and hopefully also be able to keep my existing backups?

Brian White

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