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TidBITS: WinterFest 2017 Starting Soon

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WinterFest 2017 Starting Soon

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WinterFest 2017 Starting Soon

By Adam C. Engst

As publishers of Take Control Books, we’ve participated in the annual WinterFest sale put on by a group of small Mac developers for the last few years. That’s no longer our call, but Joe Kissell tells us that Take Control will once again be among the companies making their products available at a 25 percent discount throughout WinterFest. That will include a passel of new books, such as Tonya Engst’s “Take Control of Mac Basics,” Jeff Carlson’s “Take Control of Lightroom CC,” Jason Snell’s “Photos: A Take Control Crash Course,” Kirk McElhearn’s “Take Control of Scrivener 3,” and Joe’s own best-seller, “Take Control of iCloud, Sixth Edition.”

This time around, WinterFest is due to start on 20 December 2017 and run at least through 9 January 2018. The pages aren’t quite ready, but if you can wait a day or two, you’ll find discounts on all sorts of great Mac apps. New this year is Panorama X, the latest version of yet another app that was essential to our business in the Take Control days. It joins a crowd of other essential bits of hand-crafted software, including Aeon Timeline, Bookends, DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office, HoudahSpot, Nisus Writer Pro, Storyspace, TaskPaper, TextExpander, and Tinderbox. Be sure to give WinterFest a look if you’re in need of any Take Control books or Mac tools!

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