TidBITS: T-Mobile Offers Discounted Cellular Plans to Those Aged 55 and Up

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TidBITS: T-Mobile Offers Discounted Cellular Plans to Those Aged 55 and Up

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T-Mobile Offers Discounted Cellular Plans to Those Aged 55 and Up

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T-Mobile Offers Discounted Cellular Plans to Those Aged 55 and Up

By Josh Centers

The ever-aggressive T-Mobile is at it again, this time targeting potential customers aged 55 and over with T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+. (For more on T-Mobile ONE, see “T-Mobile and Sprint Announce Unlimited Data (for Higher Prices),” 19 August 2016 and “T-Mobile Tweaks T-Mobile ONE,” 31 August 2016).

The summary is this: T-Mobile customers who are 55 or older can now get one line of T-Mobile ONE for $50 per month, taxes and fees included, and add a second line for $10 per month — that’s with $5-per-line Autopay discount. T-Mobile ONE includes unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data, though data throughput may be throttled if you exceed 26 GB of usage in one month.

The usual price for T-Mobile ONE is $70 for one line and $100 for two lines, so this is a significant discount: 28.6 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

In its press release, T-Mobile explains the business logic:

With today’s announcement, T-Mobile is taking the fight to one of the carriers’ last strongholds. Among Americans age 55+, Verizon and AT&T collectively control nearly 81 percent of the postpaid wireless market. In contrast, just 8 percent of this group are with T-Mobile, compared to the Un-carrier’s 18 percent of all U.S. wireless customers. That’s a LOT of people getting taken advantage of by the Duopoly — and a lot of people who can benefit from the Un-carrier.

T-Mobile also offers some interesting data about Baby Boomers and smartphones:

Right now, there are more than 93 million Americans in the U.S. over age 55, and the vast majority (74 percent) of them have a smartphone. And that number keeps growing. In addition, Boomers spend an average of 149 minutes a day on their smartphones — about as much as smartphone-obsessed Millennials at 171 minutes per day. In fact, the majority of those 55+ say a smartphone is the #1 way they connect with family and friends.

If you’re old enough and live in an area where T-Mobile’s coverage is sufficient, this is a tough deal to beat. New customers can sign up by visiting a T-Mobile store — be sure to bring ID. Existing customers can visit a store, call 1-800-TMOBILE, or log in at t-mobile.com.

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