TidBITS: Free Webinar for Readers of “Take Control of Mac Basics”

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TidBITS: Free Webinar for Readers of “Take Control of Mac Basics”

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Free Webinar for Readers of “Take Control of Mac Basics”

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Free Webinar for Readers of “Take Control of Mac Basics”

By Tonya Engst

Although we sold Take Control to Joe Kissell back in May 2017, I spent much of the rest of the year helping out with editing of a few titles that were in progress, and writing “Take Control of Mac Basics,” a major rewrite to my “Read Me First: A Take Control Crash Course.” The new book clocks in at 33,500 words and 84 figures, all aimed at enhancing comfort and confidence for those who struggle a bit when using their Macs.

Readers have said kind things about the book, but, just like knitting a sweater or learning to ski, some Mac topics are explained better through a demonstration than through written directions and static illustrations.

To help people who prefer visual, interactive learning, I’m offering an hour-long webinar this week. Those who own the ebook can watch the webinar live or catch the recording later — to tune in, you’ll need to click through from the book itself.

I’ve scheduled two sessions for the webinar: Thursday, February 8th and Saturday, February 10th, both starting at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST/6 PM GMT; check Every Time Zone for your local time). Both sessions will cover the same topics. Readers who can’t watch live can tune in a few days later, once Joe has made the recorded session available.

I plan to discuss:

  • How to avoid small interface annoyances that can trip you up in a big way

  • Zillions of ways to manage windows — making them smaller, making them bigger, making them full-screen, viewing them two-up, moving them aside, and more

  • Important tips for using System Preferences, including four ways to open the app and advice on finding your way around in it once you’ve got it open

  • Staying on top of your schedule, notifications, and more in Notification Center

If you have trouble handling the tasks described above, this webinar is for you. Or, if you’re more technically savvy and often asked for help by people who could benefit from this webinar, please let them know about it!

Again, the $15 “Take Control of Mac Basics” is your ticket to the webinar. Once you have the book, flip to the one-page chapter “The Mac Basics Webinar” (near the end) and click the link to tune in. Of course, I’d encourage you to check out the rest of the book as well — I’ve packed it with a lot more useful advice than I can possibly convey in an hour-long webinar.

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