The new QuarkXpress 2016 update available today and FontDoctor problems.

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The new QuarkXpress 2016 update available today and FontDoctor problems.

"John Turner the Bear😎"

I just got the update for Quark 2016 for my Mac. The auto-updater did not detect it but when I went onto the site I got it with no problem. Great news, there are no visible problems with the update and High Sierra and Quark is faster at saving and converting files! Way to go Quark! I only wish that there was a document that told what specifically the new update does. The installer only includes notes on the November update.

On another matter...FontDoctor included with the Suitcase Bundle does not work on High Sierra, Extensis says that they do not support FontDoctor period really strange since they sell it. If you need support the say you must contact FontGear. There has been no tech info posted on FontGear site since 2016, same goes for their blog! They have no ph# to contact.I emailed them for help a week ago and there has been no response. I've gone back to FontExplorer X Pro. It works perfectly on High Sierra and the support is very good.

Have a great weekend folks!


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