Notifications not working on new iPhone SE

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Notifications not working on new iPhone SE

Melissa Jehnings
Hi all,

I just updated to a new, shiny iPhone SE. I set it up last night with iOS 11 and everything went smoothly. However, since I've set up the new phone, I haven't been able to get any notifications from Facebook, Twitter or any of the other apps I have set up for Notifications. I went to Settings>Notifications where notifications are turned on for all the apps. I switched them off and then back on, just in case. I don't have Do Not Disturb on. I've checked my settings inside Facebook and Twitter and everything looks good there. I deleted Facebook and Twitter, which caused them to ask me to allow notifications, which I did. I'm at a loss. I know I'm getting notifications, because they're showing up on my iPad and my Twitter feed, while only following a few people, is usually very busy.

Any ideas?



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