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Apple Music Genres in Weekly Emails

Andy Affleck-2
Here’s what has me stumped today:

Every Friday I get a new music email from Apple with stuff it thinks I will like. But while the first genre showcased (Alternative) is exactly what I want, the other two are not. The second is Christian Music and I have no idea where it got the idea that I liked that (I have none in my library, I’ve never liked/loved anything like that) and so forth. The third is Rock and that’s fine but I’d much prefer something else.

But I can’t figure out how to change it.

I’ve gone into Apple Music and redone the whole “Pick your bubbles” thing to reset my genres and artists.

I’ve gone through my collection to verify the stuff I’ve liked/loved/5-starred the most.

I’ve looked through every menu I can find.

No dice. Nowhere I can find to tell Apple Music that it has me more wrong than right and here’s how to fix it.

(I have a similar problem with Spotify in that I made the mistake of listening to my Weekly Discover playlist while at work and skipping all songs that weren’t ambient/mellow. Now that’s all it gives me. I’ve slowly trained it back to something approaching normal for me but it’s still on the soft side of things…)

I love machine learning. I just love it more when it, you know, learns.


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