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Jim Carr
Al Varnell wrote, On 11/5/17, 10:58 PM:
On Nov 5, 2017, at 10:37 PM, Jim Carr wrote:

All quite common settings that have been recommended for most if not all of the servers I'm using for several years now. I have no reason to believe that Apple Mail's settings would be Using anything less secure and it has not been mentioned in any of the e-mail warnings posted here so far. Only the one that referenced Apple Notes seems to indicate a problem we might need to address and I don't have an AOL account in Notes, only Mail.


I found my wife's account using Mail on El Capitan had SMTP on port 25.

Set to 587 and it works.

My old account is a CompuServe one that uses and it also works just fine using 587.


Jim Carr
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